What is Ford AdvanceTrac?

What is Ford AdvanceTrac?

Driving in colder conditions, particularly over slippery surfaces like ice and snow, can prove to be quite a hassle for drivers. Maintaining balance to maneuver these terrains is certainly not an easy feat.  

Ford AdvanceTrac allows a driver to sustain the adequate balance of a vehicle in tricky terrains flush with ice, snow, or gravel and dry pavements. The AdvanceTrac technology works to enhance the stability and traction power of the vehicle, and the engine is designed to increase the stopping capability on slippery terrains.  

How does it work?

The technology works to power small gyroscopic sensors that take readings of your vehicle’s movement about 150 times per second. The engine boosts the brake pressure for stability in case any oversteering, understeering, or wheel slippage is detected. Braking is enhanced by adding pressure to the wheels to slow down the vehicle and avoid any unintended deviations from the road. 

AdvanceTrac technology is pre-installed and does not require any activation. The technology constantly monitors your car’s movement and mechanisms to provide you with the best driver’s assistance. 

AdvanceTrac is particularly effective during difficult weather conditions. In harsh winds and snow, the driver’s visibility is impaired, and this creates difficulty for one to stay on track. The technology pinpoints any such instability and boosts the engine to provide adequate traction. 

Additional Features

Along with the AdvanceTrac, the vehicle is equipped with a few additional complementary safety features. 

With the Trailer Sway Control, the engine is designed to provide stability and balance to the vehicle that is being towed by your car.

The 4 Wheel Drive technology uses the engine's output to boost the torque on all wheels simultaneously. 

Hill Start and Hill Descent Control help the driver maintain the stability of the vehicle on slopes.

Traction Control sustains balance at turns and curves

The Terrain Management System activates the torque and throttle mechanism in the car to navigate through rocky surfaces

AdvanceTrac technology is surely one of the best driver assistance features in the automobile industry. With this technology, drivers can ensure stability and safety and thereby enhance their driving experience.

Source: Ford