More Powerful and Robust: All-New 2020 Ford Explorer

The 2020 Ford Explorer is here at Jerry's Ford Alexandria packed with new and exciting features. The Ford Explorer remains a household name ever since its launch in 1991. With several years of makeovers, the new 2020 model is certain to thrill every car enthusiast out there. If you are looking to buy a brand new SUV in Alexandria, you can definitely consider the 2020 Ford Explorer.

New 2020 Ford Explorer in Virginia at Jerry's Ford Alexandria


The new 2020 Ford Explorer has come out with intelligent driver-assist technology. The rear-wheel-drive option provides the driver with the necessary torque and stability for all terrains. With the rear wheels in action, the car also has an enhanced towing capability. 

For those looking for an all-season option, there's, in addition, an all-wheel-drive variant, perfect for urban driving as well as off-roading.


The experimental 10-speed automated SmartShift transmission allows the driver to access the vehicle with more control. The 2020 Ford Explorer is built with enhanced weight distribution and a more extended wheelbase, giving sufficient agility over slopes and rugged terrains. Enhanced traction control ensures that the vehicle stays in control over terrains like snow, sand, and trail. 

The changes additionally allow for reduced tire slippage on these surfaces. The car is also equipped with an independent suspension that reduces excess movement and provides more comfort while driving. The most recent model also features an additional hill-descent feature.


The 2020 Ford Explorer has some significant interior changes to note. Now, the Ford Explorer can seat up to seven people, making it perfect for larger families. It provides plenty of legroom for all passengers and is also equipped with easy seat recline features to use. 

There is plenty of storage space around the vehicle for your personal belongings to be stored securely. As for technology, the back seat boasts a wireless charging pad for easy accessibility. 

Come See the All-New Re-Designed 2020 Ford Explorer in Alexandria, VA at Jerry's Ford Alexandria

The 2020 Ford Explorer is definitely a top-performer in the family-oriented, sports utility vehicle segment. With plenty of enhancements in performance and design, the new 2020 Ford Explorer continues to live up to its name. If you live around Annandale, Arlington, or Springfield and searching for the most ideal option to suit your adventures, call our professional sales team to test drive the All NEw 2020 Ford Explorer.