What Should a Basic Ford Service Include?

Has your car run for more than 6 months already? If yes, it's time that it undergoes a service.  Typically, vehicles go through three types of check-ups – a basic service, a full service, and a major service.
The basic service (also called interim service) takes place every 6 months or once the car covers 6000 miles (whichever occurs first). Its objective is to conduct all minor repairs to make sure there are no significant issues.
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What Can You Expect in A Basic Service?
The basic service is the first and most elementary type of car service there is. Here, your Ford will receive the following:
Oil check and top-up, plus oil filter replacement
Brake fluid check and top-up
Washer fluid check and top-up
Steering fluid check and top-up
Anti-freeze fluid check and top-up
Battery light replacement
Brake disk, pad, and calipers repairs
Wheel tire wear check and replacement (with air/nitrogen filling)
In addition to these, our Ford garage in Alexandria will follow a comprehensive 40-point checklist to provide a variety of checks, repairs, and replacements. We also adhere to the manufacturer’s service guidelines to ensure that every facet of your car is taken into consideration. 

To schedule a Ford service in Alexandria reach out to any of our VA Ford experts at (703) 256-5000. 

How Often Should You Get the Basic Car Service?
The intention of the basic service is to ensure that your car is regularly monitored for potential issues and fixed before any major problem occurs. So, you should schedule a basic Ford service Alexandria within a span of 6 months (or after driving an additional 6000 miles, whichever is earlier) from the last basic service.
However, if you’re due for a full service at the 1-year mark, you can skip the basic service and resume it 6 months after the full service. Speak to Jerry's Ford of Alexandria for more information.