Top 5 Features of the FordPass App

The FordPass app is built to improve your driving experience and change it for the best. It aims to make the interaction between the car and driver more convenient than ever. Read on to find out all the amazing things you can do with your FordPass app.

How to Setup the FordPass App?

Before getting started, you will have to configure the app and connect the same to your vehicle. Firstly, download the FordPass app from the App Store or Play Store. Next, create a 4-digit security pin or Touch ID recognition. 

On your app, go to the My Vehicles card and add your vehicle. Add your car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) by scanning it from the inside part of your driver’s door or simply by typing it in. After you get a message confirming your VIN, tap finish. To use the app from there on, hit ‘Active’. 

Best Features on the FordPass App

1. Vehicle Controls
You can now easily lock, unlock, and start your vehicle from any location with just the tap of a button. You can view these on the Vehicle Control menu. Simply touch and hold on to any option to activate it. You may also check the fuel bar to know how much gas is remaining in your car’s tank.

2. My Vehicle
This feature provides you with the flexibility of adding and editing important information like mileage, fuel levels, service history, and much more. With this option, you can also view your servicing history and know when it's time for you to take your vehicle back to the Ford dealership in Alexandria, VA for maintenance. 

3. My Dealer
This menu on the FordPass app gives you details about your preferred Ford dealership, including working hours, phone number, location, and much more. You can also reach us at Jerry’s Ford of Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia. 

4. Park
This useful menu helps you locate convenient parking spots throughout the city and also displays parking fares at these locations. 

5. Map
This useful feature provides information for gas stations along with prices for the same. The app can also help you locate your vehicle no matter where you are.

With the help of the FordPass app, owning and driving a Ford car in Alexandria, VA, is now more convenient than ever. Stop by Jerry's Ford Alexandria to get hands-on experience of the FordPass App in Alexandria, VA!