How Do You Change A Tire?

Each driver needs to know how to change a flat tire in Alexandria, in the event of an emergency. While several auto dealers around Annandale, Arlington, and Springfield may offer roadside service, it is so much more reassuring to know the mechanics and fundamentals of replacing a tire on your own. Jerry's Ford Alexandria has pulled together a step by step guide on how to safely change your tire in Alexandria.

Get Started
  • Before you being changing your tire, you will need a few essential tools. Most likely your vehicle has an owner manual stationed inside the vehicle. Make sure you keep that close by during the tire changing process.
  • In order to safely and properly change a tire, you need the following: an inflated spare tire, tire jack, and a lug wrench. Normally, these tools are accessible in the vehicle tool kit located in the trunk
  • Apart from the above, it's highly recommended to have a sturdy block to secure the jack, torchlight, pair of gloves, and well as a wheel wedge.

Instructions on How to Change a Tire

  1. Turn hazard lights on to signify an emergency to other drivers.. Park vehicle away from traffic on a level surface. 
  2. To prevent the vehicle from rolling, be sure to apply the parking brake. Place the wheel wedges under your front and back tires. 
  3. Rotate the lug nuts steadily counter-clockwise until they are loosened but not removed completely. If your car has hubcaps, use the blunt end of the wrench to detach them.
  4. Slide the block under the jack and raise the vehicle about six inches above the ground. The manual should explain precisely where the jack needs to be positioned.
  5. Remove the lug nuts and the flat tire completely. Put the lug bolts in your spare tire until you can see through the rim. Lower the car slightly and replace the lug nuts and carefully secure them. Lower the vehicle to the ground and secure the lug nuts and install the hub caps if needed.

This will help you travel for a couple more miles before you reach {DEALER NAME}'s service department in Alexandria, VA. Make sure to have one of our professionals check the tire for quality assurance.