What is Ford AdvanceTrac?

Driving in colder conditions, particularly over slippery surfaces like ice and snow, can prove to be quite a hassle for drivers. Maintaining balance to maneuver these terrains is certainly not an easy feat.  

Ford AdvanceTrac allows a driver to sustain the adequate balance of a vehicle in tricky terrains flush with ice, snow, or gravel and dry pavements. The AdvanceTrac technology works to enhance the stability and traction power of the vehicle, and the engine is designed...continue reading

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What's The Difference Between AWD, FWD, and 4WD?

The safety and stability of a vehicle are of primary importance when choosing a car. Driving technology has seen a leap over the years to align in accordance with a drivers needs. Automobile engines are now built to power vehicles in a way that can provide maximum stability to move efficiently on different terrains. Read on to find out more about the difference between AWD, FWD, and 4WD cars.

  • All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

AWD vehicles are commonly confused to be the same...continue reading

2019 engines

What is underneath the hood of your F-150? Find out here!

At Jerry's Ford Alexandria we know you want a Ford truck that is rugged, powerful and gets the job done. One of the pivotal factors of enjoying and maintaining your Ford F-150 in Alexandria is taking the time to explore and research the types of engines that are available in the Ford F-150 models. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of four of the available engine models on the Ford F-150 in Alexandria and highlighted the deluxe features that come...continue reading